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Earl Bird Tickets Close

Get excited. Conference is only 13 weeks away. The conference team want to remind you of a few key dates.

Early Bird tickets close May 12


All tickets close July 18

No tickets will be sold after July 18 under any circumstances due to the requirements of catering at the venue and COVID-19 regulations. Please read full T&Cs here:

Changes to program

Unavoidable circumstances have forced us to make a few minor changes to the program. To ensure you have the most up-to-date details remember to refresh your Grenadine app on your computer or phone. We will do our best to make any changes quickly when they come to hand. A new program will be on the website today

Virtual workshops, pitches and business appointments

Please note on the printable program there is a (v) on any workshop that will be virtual (pre-recorded and live). These are also noted in the Grenadine schedule.


A reminder to check your badge details. If you added a pen name that is what will print on the badge. Some people only had a first name and this has been corrected (due to logistics when we issue badges at the reception desk). You can log into Grenadine to change your profile details. If you have any difficulty email Donna at

We have a new check-in procedure where your badge QR-Code will be scanned in by those at reception. There may be other COVID-19 check-ins organised by the venue. Please have your mobile phone handy for these check-ins.

Shuttle bus

Express your interest in travelling on a shuttle bus from Coolangatta Airport to 2021 Conference venue Mantra on View, Surfers Paradise. Go to

Volunteering during conference

Especially for newbies, volunteering at conference is the perfect way to meet your fellow romance writers. You’ll get to greet our attendees, scan check-ins, issue badges, give out swag, and assist our guests and speakers. It’s fun! Give it a go.

Go to:

Author Headshots

We are looking into inviting a photographer to take author headshots. While it’s our hope and intention to provide this for members we are yet to find a volunteer to help coordinate this extra conference benefit. This person will need to aid Tracey in engaging the photographer with a firm quote, work out times and dates of attendance, some promo and create a spreadsheet for the appointments. If you think you’ve got what it takes please put your hand up. Contact Tracey at:

Cocktail Party

Sponsored by Draft2Digital

Our cocktail party theme is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. Celebrate the past by pulling on a favourite costume from years gone by or go full retro and flashback to the fashions of your youth. Dress up as your favourite contemporary character, or go all Star Trek, Dr Who or sci-fi into the future. No matter what you wear, be prepared for a night of fun as we make up for last year and party like it’s 1991!

Don’t forget to take photos and use #RWA2021

Cropped image of a male pouring champagne into glasses holding by a female over gray background

Gala Awards Dinner

A whole group of RWA Legends, more Legends will be at the Awards Dinner to celebrate our 30th Birthday. Cheer on your favourite award winners, enjoy delicious food, beverages, company and celebrate our wonderful organisation. Afterwards get your boogie shoes ready for hitting the dance floor.

Don’t forget to take photos and use #RWA2021

Let’s make the celebration of 30 years of RWA special!

Personally, I can’t wait to see my fellow romance writers. It’s been a long couple of years working from home and hardly seeing any of you except for Zoom meetings.  Many of you will feel the same. Remember, we have a small conference committee who have dedicated their time to ensure you have a fabulous conference. Spending a small amount of time helping them out or thanking them for their efforts will go a long way.

I’m looking forward to toasting you with a cocktail, many chats and hitting the dance floor.

Until then keep writing.