Awards & Anthologies 2020


The Awards night presentation was held as a separate event in 2020. See the video below for the full event.


The Launch of 2020 Sweet Treats and Spicy Bites Anthologies

Amid the chaos of reorganising the Romance Writers of Australia’s annual conference, two tasty morsels were not forgotten! Our Sweet Treats and Spicy Bites anthologies launched online, meaning a much wider audience celebrated the success of Australia’s up-and-coming romance authors.

For those unfamiliar with our anthologies, the RWA holds two short story writing competitions each year—Sweet Treats (for sweet and sensual romance stories) and Spicy Bites (for sexy and erotic romance stories)—with the top-scoring entries in each competition appearing in its two annual anthologies of the same names.

Between the two anthologies, all heat levels are covered, as are a variety of romance sub-genres. No matter your reading preference, there’ll be a story (or several!) that’s sure to appeal to you!

Two launches were held, one for each anthology, both with a run-time of approximately 30 minutes, allowing you to attend a single launch if you prefer one heat level over the other. If you’re a fan of romance no matter the heat level, you can, of course, attend both.