Social Events 2021

Cocktail Party

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Our cocktail party theme is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. Celebrate the past by pulling on a favourite costume from years gone by or go full retro and flashback to the fashions of your youth. Dress up as your favourite contemporary character, or go all Star Trek, Dr Who or sci-fi into the future. No matter what you wear, be prepared for a night of fun as we make up for last year and party like it’s 1991!

Don’t forget to take photos and use #RWAus2021

Gala Awards Night

A whole group of RWA Legends, more Legends will be at the Awards Dinner to celebrate our 30th Birthday. Cheer on your favourite award winners, enjoy delicious food, beverages, company and celebrate our wonderful organisation. Afterwards get your boogie shoes ready for hitting the dance floor.

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions and border closures our Awards Dinner will be livestreamed. A link to join will be coming soon.

Don’t forget to take photos and use #RWAus2021