AK Leigh

A.K. Leigh is an unrepentant dreamer, radical self-love advocate, and romantic. To add some spice to that sugary mix, she is also a complex trauma survivor, hyperlexic, and identical triplet.
Her master’s degree thesis on the structure of romance novels not only guides the writing of her own books, but also helps in her roles as a freelance editor and writing coach.
She uses her postgraduate degree in counselling to create believable, three-dimensional characters, and her certificates in forensic science and forensic anthropology to add realistic crime elements to her stories. She also holds a postgraduate degree in editing and publishing.
She is currently completing her PhD on the representation of trauma in romance novels and the creative writing process.
When not writing, reading, coaching, studying, or enjoying nature, she can be found having fun with her three gorgeous children (plus one laid back dog and one boisterous guinea pig).
She is active on social media and encourages readers to interact with her there. She also writes fiction under the pseudonym A.K. Leigh and non-fiction as Alicia Leigh.
You can find her books at www.amazon.com/author/akleigh.
You can join her exclusive LOVELEIGHS CLUB at www.fallinlovewithleigh.com/loveleighs.

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