Sponsors 2022

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Foundation Sponsor

In acknowledgement and thanks to Harlequin for their 30 years of partnership, we are pleased to announce that they are our Foundation Sponsors.
Foundation Sponsorship recognises their 30 years of collaboration with RWA to ensure the ongoing success and development of aspiring, emerging and established authors. 

Learn more at https://www.harpercollins.com.au/harlequin/

Partner Gold Sponsor

Draft2Digital are Self-Publishing with Support

Draft2Digital has been the leading distributor of ebooks online, worldwide, since 2012. We have helped more than 70,000 authors publish more than 250,000 books, in every country on the planet, and all for free. We take a 15% cut of royalties on sales made through our platform—and that’s it. No fees. You own all the rights to your book. And we’ll be here to support you the whole way.

Learn more at Draft2Digital.com.

Kobo – Publish with ease, reach millions of Kobo readers. We are delighted to have Kobo onboard again this year.  Kobo WRiting Life makes your dream of being published a reality.