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Draft2Digital are Self-Publishing with Support

Draft2Digital has been the leading distributor of ebooks online, worldwide, since 2012. We have helped more than 70,000 authors publisher more than 250,000 books, in every country on the planet, and all for free. We take a 15% cut of royalties on sales made through our platform—and that’s it. No fees. You own all the rights to your book. And we’ll be here to support you the whole way. Learn more at Draft2Digital.com.

Presenting Workshop:

Sunday 15 August 9:30am – 10.30am

INDIE AUTHOR BLUEPRINT (Virtual pre-recorded) with Kevin Tumlinson

Since 2012, Draft2Digital has been an essential part of the foundation for thousands of author careers, serving more than 70,000 authors and distributing more than 250,000 books. The business doesn’t just serve the author community—we employ several successful authors who know the industry inside and out. In this presentation, we’ll present some of the essential components of an self-published, indie-author career, as learned from combined decades of experience and insight.

Sunday 1.15pm – 2.45pm

TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Virtual pre-recorded) with Kevin Tumlinson

Draft2Digital has built a fairly full toolbox of tools and resources that can help authors start, build, and grow their writing and publishing careers—and all of them are free to use, whether you distribute your books via D2D or not. In this presentation we’re going over some of the best free tools in our kit, to show you how you can add them to your own.

Draft2Digital will also be taking online business appointments.


Partner Silver Sponsor 

Harlequin Australia has been publishing quality fiction and non fiction for over forty years. 

HQ is the new home of diverse and compelling Australian fiction, designed to appeal to a readership of smart, curious women.

Our fiction list focuses on electrifying suspense, gripping family sagas, compelling historical stories and clever contemporary women’s fiction.

Presenting Workshop: 

Saturday 14 August 12:00pm – 1:00pm

How to Build Your Author Brand with Jo McKay and Jo Munroe

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has said that brand is what people say about you when you are out of the room. If that is the case, what three words do you think people would use to describe you and your writing once you step outside? If you can answer that, then you are on the way to defining your author brand.

But how does brand relate to your writing? How does author brand help you? How do you build and market it? In this hands-on workshop with Jo Mackay, Head of Publishing HQN and Jo Munroe, Head of Marketing HQN, you will learn from real-life examples how to develop your own voice, differentiate your writing and share the world of your books with your readers and the market so that you use your carefully created brand to become an unstoppable force.

Through its three imprints, HQ Fiction, Mira and Escape, Harlequin Books publishes more debut local fiction that any other Australian publishing house. But what makes a publisher look closer at your manuscript? Get the inside track on the tips and traps of submitting your manuscript to a publishing house (and make sure when you do submit, you avoid the common pitfalls that make us turn away from a manuscript).

Join us in our workshop as we cover the good, the bad and the ugly of the dreaded pitch; why and how some writing begs to be noticed; and be joined by some Harlequin authors who’ve stood in your shoes and come through it successfully.


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Self-publish like a pro. Everything you need to successfully self-publish a book from one award-winning self-publishing company. IngramSpark is different from any other self-publishing company because we not only provide a means for self-publishers to publish and distribute their books, but we actually instruct you how to do it successfully. If you intend to make money self-publishing, you’re going to want to tap into our FREE resources.

Presenting Workshop: 

Saturday 14 August 11:00am – 12.00pm

Two authors and a mic with Debbie Lee, Keri Arthur and Alicia Leigh

Join Debbie Lee from Ingram Content Group and successful ‘authorpreneurs’, Keri Arthur and Alicia Leigh, as they explore the publishing world through a retrospective and futuristic lens. How has the industry changed over Keri’s 30+ years of writing, and what has Alicia’s more recent immersion been like by comparison? How do their own lives, private and public, combine to inform and guide their prolific output? And how has both positive and traumatic experience influenced their message and intent?


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Publish with Kobo Writing Life and reach millions of Kobo readers around the world


Findaway Voices with be taking business appointments. Your audiobooks everywhere. Everything you need to create and sell professionally-narrated audiobooks.

Scott Curry is the marketing manager for Findaway voices and can advise on marketing strategy, websites, evaluations, consultancy and best practices. Will Dages is the head of Findaway voices and will discuss anything audiobooks.


2021 Conference Raffle proceeds go to Braille House.
Braille House is a not-for-profit organisation that transforms the lives of blind and vision impaired people by providing expert tuition in Braille and Moon, and producing and giving access to reading material and other tactual resources through our extensive library of books, maps and more.
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